One of a Kind

That’s right, friends – I’ve reached the one-month mark. That calls for a smile! Mom keeps trying to catch my grins on camera, but I’m a little too crafty for that. Well okay, here’s a little one. :)
sleep smile jules

So … what can we tell you? To use the current lingo, here’s what’s trending now: Baths, tummy time, people watching, the baby swing and being outside

And umm … the opposite of trending?? Getting into my car seat, bottle feeding*

*Actually, I do quite well with the bottle, especially for a novice. Don’t be fooled by this look.
not so sure

There really aren’t too many things I don’t enjoy, so let’s focus on a few of my top favs! Have you seen my rockin’ post-bath hair?? It’s marvelously full and fluffy, as seen here. :)
it's all in the hair.

I’m also a fan of tummy time. Paddington checks my form while I work on the ol’ neck muscles. (Don’t worry; he’s a benevolent judge.)
tummy time with paddington

Of course, group tummy time is always a crowd favorite.
group TT

Aaaand … flip!
aaand ... flip!

Above all, it’s fun to watch my crazy sisters in action. To see how far they’ve come since month one, check out these posts.
happy bear

happy molly

I’m already looking forward to the day when I, too, can go to the pool with Dad and wear a bear costume (but not necessarily at the same time). Aaahhh … that’s the life. On to month two!
happy swimmers

the three bears

Survey Says …

shirtGood news! I made it through my first solo week with the three lovely ladies. Perhaps a victory t-shirt is in order?? haha …

The credit for my continued survival goes to the following: buddies who have generously brought us dinner (meal train is my new best friend), caffeine (my other best friend) and Adam and the girls, who provide both help and entertainment.

Claire had a fun week at her school’s art & cooking camp. They made popcorn, play dough, pizza and paintings using a salad spinner. (And I’m sure there were creative endeavors that started with letters other than ‘P’ … haha.)chef bear

Molly and I may or may not have returned to the donut shop while Claire was at camp …

Who, me??

Who, me??

And Julia, when not sleeping …
J sleep face

or avoiding the paparazzi …
Jules hiding

had a great time watching her sisters and chillin’ on the undersea adventure mat.
undersea julia
But back to today! We’re excited to say Happy Father’s Day to our super dad (seen here with ladies one, two and three), our grandpas, uncles, brothers and all the other dads and honorary dads out there. A special shout out goes to Uncle Patrick and Uncle Bobby who are celebrating their first Father’s Days. :)

As a fun gift for Dad, I had Claire answer the following questions (thanks to Aunt Cara for the list!). Not surprisingly, a three year old’s responses are quite amusing.

1. What is something Dad always says to you?  “Give me cookies!”

2. What makes Dad happy?  Being nice to Molly

3. What makes Dad sad?  When we pull each other’s arms

4. How old is Dad?  17

5. What is Dad really good at?  Painting

6. What is Dad not very good at?  Art stuff

7. What is Dad’s job?  Fixing cars

8. What is Dad’s favorite food?  Pepperoni pizza

9. What do you and Dad like to do together?  Wash cars, paint things

10. Where is Dad’s favorite place to go?  Home Depot

11. What does Dad like best about Mom?  Giving Mama hugs when he comes home from work

12. How do you know Dad loves you? Because he takes me to the car wash

A few Mom observations: I had to laugh at #1 because Adam is the least likely to request cookies (that award would go to me or Molly), woohoo for #4 – I need to instruct her to say the same for me, and finally, I enjoy the juxtaposition between #5 and #6 as well as the survey’s emphasis on cars and car washing. :)


Big Sister Report, part 3

Guess which sleepy lady is two weeks old today? Exciting times! (This is her excited face.)
sleepy jules

It’s our pleasure to bring you part 3 in our unlimited-part series, “The Big Sister Report,” presented by C. Bear and M. Moo (past installments here and here).

May was a busy month in elder-sister-land! First, we welcomed Grandma Barb and Grandpa John to KC, and they helped us with a variety of pre-baby projects. But don’t worry – we still had time for walking, sliding, swinging and a trip to the farm. :)





As the days went by, we waited as patiently as possible for our new friend. (Mr. Elephant was a rather subdued proxy.)
elephant sub

Pretty soon, ’twas the night before our sister’s scheduled appearance … and all through the house, not a creature was stirring … except for Mom, who was shoveling cereal down the ol’ hatch … haha. (See, you can’t have anything to eat for 8 hours prior to an induction. Boooo!)
'twas the night before may 28

And then she was here! Hooray! Cue the welcoming committee …
welcoming committee

committee bear

In her first few days at home, we watched Julia do the usual array of baby things – sleep a ton, eat, poop, etc. We had fun picking out her diapers (Elmo v. Cookie Monster – tough decisions), and Granny Sue taught us about gentle touches (a.k.a. try not to jab her in the eye).
gentle pats

We spent lots of time outside – in the yard, at the playground, and of course, visiting our goat buddies at the farm.


goat buddy

Back inside, Julia was waaay impressed with our reading skills. (It’s hard to tell, but this is her “I’m waaay impressed” face.)
reading with julia

fancy sleep

jules + gwb

A few visitors came by while Granny Sue and Grandpa Bill were here: lovely Aunt Liz and ever-classy cousin David. :)
aunt liz and david

Oh, and we almost forgot to tell you how helpful we’ve been with chores and yard work! We challenge you to find a better lawn mowing specialist …
new mower

or home repair expert.
ladder lady

We also assisted with the grocery shopping, which included making sure that Grandpa got one of the coveted race car carts.
the best cart

Yep – a regular bunch of busy bees!
good times gang + bee

We’re especially grateful for all the super-duper grandparent help, both before and after Julia’s arrival. We don’t know what we’d do without you!
older sisters

So that’s our action-packed report! Stay tuned for more from your favorite big sisters. :) (Cool big sister scrubs courtesy of Uncle Bobby & Aunt Jenn.)
biggest sister


sister close-up

munchkrennland trio

Donuts Strike Back

Yep – we enjoy the Star Wars references in our post titles. :) So, similar to last year, we celebrated National Donut Day this morning with about a zillion others at our local LaMar’s. (If you haven’t had your free donut yet, don’t panic; there’s still time!)

Today’s little adventure also had the distinction of being Miss Julia’s first excursion to a store (Claire’s first outing was to the Home Dump, and I believe Molly’s was to Costco). Those places are cool and all, but baby’s first donut?? Double yum!
baby's first donut

Claire, Molly and our friend Adam had fun posing with the Donut Day newbie. Baby sleep is an amazing thing … I’m surprised she didn’t wake up with all the delicious smells!
donut day buddies

In other news, we had a great visit with the dynamic duo of Granny Sue and Grandpa Bill, who headed home yesterday. More grandparent pics to come next time!

Julia Says Howdy!

Hello there, friends. It’s a pleasure to meet you! My name is Julia Elise, and I made my debut on Thursday, May 28 at 12:48 pm. Here’s one of my first photos:

I’m 21 in. long and weighed 8 lbs. 11 oz. at birth. (For the record, that’s 12 oz. more than Claire and 1 lb. 5 oz. more than Molly.) Large and in charge … and with tons of hair?? Better watch your backs, ladies! haha :)
going home!

I was pumped to meet my older sisters as well as super helpers Grandpa Bill and Granny Sue when they came to the hospital on Friday.
fab 5!

Ooo... new sister!

hangin with julia

We’re blessed and excited to be a family of five. How excited? Well, excited enough to take a nap with Julia’s pink bear and balloon, obviously. (Thanks for the gift, Uncle Bobby & Aunt Jenn.)
balloon excitement

Welcome, sweet Julia! These sisters think you’re sweeter than ice cream and lollipops. :)
sweet bear

sweet ladies

We’ll look forward to sharing more pictures soon. Thanks so much for your support and good wishes!

Another One Bites the Dust

I sincerely hope you’re singing this song right now …

You’re welcome. :)

Today’s excellent rock anthem is brought to you by my due date, which was yesterday. Yeaaah … been there, done that. Claire and Molly both needed a little convincing in the form of scheduled inductions, so we’ll have to see if this little lady feels the same way. Sister solidarity?

Until then, I guess we’ll just be hanging out and eating ice cream.
yum ... blizzard


Sound good, BG3? Well, you should come out and join us! :)

Or if you prefer something a little healthier, we have tasty raspberries endorsed by Molly Moo.

But since you won’t be on the solid food bandwagon for a while, we’d like to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to join us on this recliner. Look at all those animal friends … does life get any better?? I think not, my friend.


Whatever you decide, we’re looking forward to meeting you!

Adieu, Fair Kermit

Well, it’s inevitable. You look at your 4-door sedan, in this case a 2010 Toyota Corolla, and say, “Hmmm … it doesn’t seem like three car seats will fit in this thing.” With BG3 soon to arrive, such was the situation for yours truly. So just the other weekend, Adam braved the hellish process that is car shopping to bring us a Toyota Sienna minivan.

Ta da! Meet the as-yet-to-be-named newest member of the family. The light tan color is called crème brûlée, so we may end up calling him Krenn brûlée. haha! (Credit for corny pun goes to Grandpa K.)
new car!

Since we have a two-car garage and two drivers, we knew early on that it wouldn’t make sense to keep our friend Kermit, much as we love him. (As you may recall, we also purchased Kermit’s younger brother, Herr Wägen, back in 2011.)

Kermit’s humble origins trace back to a Boston dealership, where we found and purchased him in August of 2010. Energetic and shiny green (Capri Sea Metallic, if we’re being completely accurate), Kermit was our first new car purchase following several years sans vehicle. His first big trip was to Acadia National Park in Maine …
Kermit MA

and afterward, he capably took us around the city, receiving the inevitable ‘love taps’ that come with frequent parallel parking. But if Kermit was annoyed, he didn’t complain – such is his stalwart character. :) In April 2011, Kermit left the big city and made the 1400+ mile trek (via a comfortable car transport carrier) to Kansas. And the rest, as they say, is history.
buddy kermit

Yes, I made Adam take this picture before he took Kermit to the dealership to trade in. Um, sentimental much?? haha … I’m reminded of this scene from Toy Story 3. (Don’t worry, unlike that movie-going experience, I wasn’t letting loose with loud, embarrassing sobs when we sold Kermit. But I will admit to a wistful sigh … )

Thank you for your service, dear Kermit. I will remember you fondly as we embark on this new minivan phase of life. And welcome, Sienna. You may be the size of a tank, but you have big shoes to fill (especially when it comes to transporting these crazies!).
gold shoe gang

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