Month Three? Wowee!

It’s been a fun month over here in the Land of Oz. We’re gearing up for Claire’s return to preschool and Molly’s first parents day out experience. But hey — enough about them! On Friday (a.k.a. yesterday) I passed the 3-month mark. Woohoo!

cas fri hair

Casual Friday hair.

Yep, I’m a pretty chill lady. I guess you have to be when people (not naming any names **cough Molly cough**) are always up in your face … haha.
extreme close-up

Good thing my all-time favorite activities include watching and smiling at Mom, Dad and my sisters! :)
littlest helper

c + j

And speaking of watching, let’s take a quick staring break. Ready — GO.
j bear stare

haha … excellent. Let’s see … what else can I tell you about month three? Well, at my 2.5 month check-up (later than usual so we could sync with Molly’s 2-year appointment), I weighed 13 lbs. 9 oz. (90th percentile) and measured 23.5 in. long (75th percentile). I’m a growing girl!
happy gator lady

I’ve been working on my head/neck control and doing quite well. I also love to propel myself across the floor or play mat with my legs. I may start in the middle of the mat, but you can bet I won’t stay there for long!

Places to go, things to do, carpets to traverse …
a few seconds later ...

Whew — all that scootin’ and computin’ made me tired.
worker bee

I know one smiley lady who is excited for month four! :)
Jumbo Julia

To the Elementary School!

It’s that time again … a post from our special guest blogger — Dad!

I always look forward to being “surprised” when I get home from work each day.  On this particular day, Molly insisted on carrying my belt to the closet while her older sister (“Little Miss Firecracker” according to the shirt) showed me her latest dance moves.
belt helpers

After dinner, I asked: “Where should we go?”

Both: “To the elementary school!”
swingin' girls

After wearing out the local swings, we raced around the playground.
playground claire

Molly: “I fast Dada!  I fast!”
molly playground

Next we tried out the newly painted hopscotch area.
hopscotch girls

It’s important to rattle the chains on your way back home.
the chains!

Hard to keep up with these two!
adios park

Thanks, Dad! Have a great week, everyone. :)

For even more fun with Dad, check out these guest posts:

Happy 2nd Birthday, Molly!

Wow — another wonderful year with Molly Moo! We’re excited to wish a happy birthday to this sweet, funny and expressive lady.

cowpoke molly

Cowpoke Molly

As you can see, she’s quite fond of hats. Oh, and she insists on the backwards ball cap look.
pink gangsta

Mr T.

I pity the fool who tells Molly to flip that hat around! (That’s a well-known Mr. T line, right? haha)
backwards or nothin

Molly’s other likes include singing, dancing and playing all manner of games with Claire. She is a doting big sister to Julia, waking most mornings with a question about her: “Julia awake now?” “Julia new outfit?” “Julia poo poo in the diaper?”  (Yes, there are plenty of poo jokes.) Ever the comedian, Molly loves making us laugh with her crazy antics. :)

Happy Birthday, Molly Anne! We’re blessed to see your smiling face every day.

Here’s a look back at the past twelve months with M. Moo. Enjoy!

August 2014
molly face

excited beach molly

September 2014
yay for food

13-month molly

October 2014
mmm... can.

dynamic duo

November 2014
smiley fan

hungry lady

December 2014
diva with a 'tude

love presents!

January 2015
trampoline lady

bend and yell

February 2015
swing and moo

ridin' molly

March 2015

happy beach lady

April 2015
easter photo attempt


May 2015
yum ... blizzard

ladder lady

June 2015
Who, me??

happy molly

July 2015
4th finest

done standing

Which brings us to … TODAY! 

Our celebration began this morning with a fun play group and chocolate muffins (Molly’s term — you could also call them cupcakes). We’re looking forward to opening presents and partying with Dad later today. On to year three!

2 lady + candle

yum. cake and bunnies.

Month Two? Woohoo!

Oh, hey there! How are you? I’m doing great – just passed the two-month milestone yesterday, so here’s a sunny smile to mark the occasion.
captain smiles
Hmmm … what’s new … Well, I love when people talk to me; it’s guaranteed to elicit a big light-up-my-whole-face grin. Just come on over and you’ll see why Mom calls me Captain Smiles. :)

At my last check-up I measured 22 in. long (50th percentile) and weighed in at 11 lbs. 5 oz. (90th percentile – yowza!). My next visit is in a few weeks, so I’ll report back once we know how the scales are tippin’. Oh, and my eyes are still blue for the time being. It’s hard to tell if they’ll stay that way, but for now, Claire is excited that I’m a fellow member of the blue-eyed team.
blue-eyed J

Another thing about me? I am a loud, LOUD lady. :) Grunting, squeaking, cooing, squawking – you name it! I suppose one has to amp up the volume to compete with M. Moo and C. Bear.
tres amigas

So don’t you worry – I’m holding my own. :) On to month three!

Baptism Buddies

Don’t let me catch you sleepin’! I have to tell you about my baptism-stravaganza!
sleepy j

But first: a staring contest.
littlest sister

I WIN! hahaha :)
captain smiles

captain smiles again

But enough jokes for now. Back to the baptism weekend! I met my new cousin Maya, and let me tell you, she is GREAT. She came all the way from California to see me!

they meet!

They meet.

We also celebrated our baptisms in a joint ceremony on July 11. Now I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine a closer relationship than a baptism buddy. I mean, we’re like soulmates, obviously.
baptism buddies!

But wait – I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s rewind to the 4th of July.
4th finest

Grandma Barb came to visit and help out – yay!
smiley lady

I think she read approximately 537 books to my sisters … haha.
books with gma k.

On the 5th, we celebrated Claire’s birthday in style, with scooter rides …
scooter lady

and a visit to Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt.

raise your spoon in triumph

“I raise this spoon in triumph! Huzzah!”

Yep, we had a fun week leading up to my baptism –  plenty of swinging, climbing, sliding and running (for the others, that is – I was probably sleeping or eating).
love to swing!

climber bear

playground with gma

blurry run

Of course it’s blurry – they’re just that fast.

On Thursday we welcomed sweet Maya Papaya to Kansas along with Uncle Patrick and Aunt Monica.
buddies hangin' out

We were joined by more family members from all around: Uncle Dan (Maya’s godfather), Grandpa John, Granny Sue and Grandpa Bill, Aunt Mimi, Uncle Bobby (my godfather), Maya’s aunts Mikala (her godmother) and Alexa, and her Grandma Debby and Grandpa Greg. Whew! Talk about a cool bunch of people! :)
godfather and maya

table maya

what big feet you have!

My, what big feet you have!

granny sue and sweet maya

We loved hanging out with Maya and the rest of the gang. Our cousin was the perfect 4th member of the tummy time crusaders.
large group TT

And Uncle Patrick (a.k.a. procurer of panda suits) got to view said suits in action.

abercrombie pandas

Abercrombie & Bear: Molly’s new line of casual pandawear.

It was a whirlwind of good times, that’s for sure!
busy floor

On Friday evening, we celebrated all the July birthdays (of which there are many): Aunt Monica and Mikala, Claire, Grandpa Bill, cousin Mark, Grandma Barb, Dad – and that’s just the people in attendance! Man, I wasn’t sure if we’d have enough wooden cupcakes.

Ah, ice cream cake. That’s more like it.
july b-days

Rested and bellies full of treats, we went over to the children’s farm on Saturday morning.
godfather and jules

farm gang

Claire was excited to feed the baby goats with a bottle of milk. (Needless to say, it quickly turns to goat pandemonium when the 4-legged ones see you walking in with the golden elixir.)
goat mania

As much as they flocked to Claire, I’m pretty sure they wanted to run from Molly … haha.

After the goat adventure, Claire enjoyed a pony ride with her new friend Cowboy, which brought back fond memories of her first ride the year before.
claire & cowboy

And later that day, the baptism buddies were ready to take the stage. Our fans were eagerly waiting.
aunt mimi and co.

Father Karl presided over a beautiful ceremony for me and Maya.

newly baptized maya

Uncle Dan won the brave godfather award – check out that candle wax … ouch! Long story short: Father said, “Whoops – I forgot to tell you to blow out the candle.” No worries – we had a dedicated pair of godfathers. :)

uncle dan, brave soul

No less dedicated, Molly decided she’s rather watch from the floor.
done standing

Here’s newly baptized Maya – hooray! (I was asleep at this point.)
baptism MVP

We were thrilled that so many family members could join us for this special occasion. You’ll note that my godmother, Aunt Jenn, was there in spirit next to Uncle Bobby. :) (Photo thoughtfully provided by my honorary godmother, Aunt Mimi.)
baptism group again

baptism group

yay for baptism buddies!

Julia's baptism1

And last, but certainly not least, the baptism party! Mom’s Uncle Pat and Aunt Liz hosted a wonderful gathering with a delicious Mexican buffet. Oh, and did I mention the cakes? Double yum!

yum cake

Errr … nothing like a happy knife-wielding picture … haha.
cake excitement

As you can tell by the record number of photos, it was an amazing week of celebrations, from the 4th of July to birthdays and baptisms for best buddies. Thanks so much to everyone who came out for the festivities, especially Uncle Patrick and Aunt Monica (originators of the joint baptism idea!).
double the fun!

Have a great week, all!
newly baptized!

Happy 4th Birthday, Claire!

Hard to believe that it’s already been a year since the Bear vanquished these 3 candles!
pumpkin cake smiles

Claire, you are a wonderful big sister and friend to Molly – and now Julia too! We’re thankful for your thoughtfulness, curiosity and humor. You’re a book-loving, silly-dancing, imaginative and sweet girl.  We love you very much. Happy 4th Birthday!
4-year-old lady!

And now for our favorite pics from the past 12 months. Enjoy!

July 2014
birthday grins

balancing act

August 2014
claire tree

beach bear

September 2014
excited for school

chomper sister

October 2014
big blue

astronaut claire

November 2014
zany ladies
mega-watt smile

December 2014
crazy lady 1

pretty bear

January 2015
gingerbread love

mmm ... cake

February 2015
leaf stompin'

crazy ol' bear

March 2015
big girl rider

poolside bear

April 2015
couch crazies

gold shoe gang

May 2015

sweet bear

June 2015
chef bear

biggest sister

Which brings us to… TODAY! We’re having fun celebrating with the Bear, and we’ll look forward to sharing our birthday adventures with you. For now, here are a few 4th of July pics (cute outfits courtesy of Uncle Bobby & Aunt Jenn).
fab fourth ladies

fourth jules

One of a Kind

That’s right, friends – I’ve reached the one-month mark. That calls for a smile! Mom keeps trying to catch my grins on camera, but I’m a little too crafty for that. Well okay, here’s a little one. :)
sleep smile jules

So … what can we tell you? To use the current lingo, here’s what’s trending now: Baths, tummy time, people watching, the baby swing and being outside

And umm … the opposite of trending?? Getting into my car seat, bottle feeding*

*Actually, I do quite well with the bottle, especially for a novice. Don’t be fooled by this look.
not so sure

There really aren’t too many things I don’t enjoy, so let’s focus on a few of my top favs! Have you seen my rockin’ post-bath hair?? It’s marvelously full and fluffy, as seen here. :)
it's all in the hair.

I’m also a fan of tummy time. Paddington checks my form while I work on the ol’ neck muscles. (Don’t worry; he’s a benevolent judge.)
tummy time with paddington

Of course, group tummy time is always a crowd favorite.
group TT

Aaaand … flip!
aaand ... flip!

Above all, it’s fun to watch my crazy sisters in action. To see how far they’ve come since month one, check out these posts.
happy bear

happy molly

I’m already looking forward to the day when I, too, can go to the pool with Dad and wear a bear costume (but not necessarily at the same time). Aaahhh … that’s the life. On to month two!
happy swimmers

the three bears

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